Personal Ramblings

remembering god at 11:48pm

After almost exactly 24 months since I started praying for it, at about 3pm today, I got it. What “it” is is irrelevant to the telling of the story. Even though, in all those months, I had not lost faith nor hope, when I finally got it, I was surprised and breathtakingly delighted.

First, I texted my husband with the good news.

Then I told my kids.

Third, I called my parents and my mother-in-law.

Finally, I sat down to make a list of friends of family to email about the news–since so many have been praying for me.

To top the day off, Roy thought I should get the night off from the kitchen and we should celebrate with take out from Olive Garden.

I could not have asked for a better day–the usual streak of bad luck that creeps in at the 11th hour missed my door altogether day. Curling up with Mr. Kitty I watched a movie in bed and smiled to myself.

Almost midnight, I turned off the lights, slipped under the covers–feeling very blessed and content. And then I remembered. In all my elation, I had forgotten to thank God!

I’m ashamed. So many years, so many miracles, so many awesome gifts later, I can still be such a human brat.

So I’ve turned on the lights again to blog about my self-centered day, to stop and give thanks.