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remembering god at 11:48pm

After almost exactly 24 months since I started praying for it, at about 3pm today, I got it. What “it” is is irrelevant to the telling of the story. Even though, in all those months, I had not lost faith nor hope, when I finally got it, I was surprised and breathtakingly delighted.

First, I texted my husband with the good news.

Then I told my kids.

Third, I called my parents and my mother-in-law.

Finally, I sat down to make a list of friends of family to email about the news–since so many have been praying for me.

To top the day off, Roy thought I should get the night off from the kitchen and we should celebrate with take out from Olive Garden.

I could not have asked for a better day–the usual streak of bad luck that creeps in at the 11th hour missed my door altogether day. Curling up with Mr. Kitty I watched a movie in bed and smiled to myself.

Almost midnight, I turned off the lights, slipped under the covers–feeling very blessed and content. And then I remembered. In all my elation, I had forgotten to thank God!

I’m ashamed. So many years, so many miracles, so many awesome gifts later, I can still be such a human brat.

So I’ve turned on the lights again to blog about my self-centered day, to stop and give thanks.


2 thoughts on “remembering god at 11:48pm”

  1. Thanks for sharing this… we all need to be reminded to be more consciously thankful… Another burden I’ve had, and must occasionally remind myself of, and consciously do, is to actually stop and pray on the spot with someone when you say you will pray for them…!

    1. It was definitely not something I was proud of, Larry. It’s so easy to get caught up ourselves that we forget the One who made it all happen. And you’re right about our sometimes empty words . . . we say the right thing, but don’t follow up on it.

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