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old ties, forever friends

In the mail yesterday was a bright yellow envelope from Kate Blom. The Bloms attend our home church in Maryland, one that we haven’t been able to rejoin since we moved to Nepal and then to Oregon. We haven’t lived in Maryland since 2000, but 10 years and more later, our Maryland church family still keep in touch.

In the envelope was a card saying they still miss us and thought of us even more so when they found an old church newsletter with this article in it.

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India-Pakistan border

See the orange line? This is what the border between Pakistan and India, floodlit for surveillance purposes, looks like at night, from space.

The bundles of light in the photo, which was taken from north to south, are the following cities: Delhi (top center), Srinagar (left), Lahore (center, just below the border line), and Islamabad (bottom center.)

The picture, taken by the International Space Station’s Expedition 28 crew, was shot on Aug. 21 and recently released.(Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/)

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i was once the virgin

You’d better turn the lights on before walking into my parents’ basement or you’ll be spooked by this giant laminated board of me!

In the mid-1990’s I was asked to pose as the Virgin Mary for the company’s* giant nativity scene that was lit for every one travelling down the highway to see. After several years of use, the nativity was being trashed.That’s when my mother rescued my laminated replica. (Notice how they PhotoShopped my face white to blend with a white Joseph and wisemen, but forgot about my arms!)

*General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists