1 thought on “this generation’s blind faith in the internet”

  1. Hey Roy ,Fylvia, Sky and Jez.
    It’s been such a long time since we have spoken,and so much has happened that I feel we need to try and get in touch with you again. Shirl’s tried emailing but we must have been using the wrong address as we have never heard back from you. Have tried to phone but never seen to get anyone at home.

    Tara ” The Special One” has grown to be the girl we all expected. She turned 8 last Wednesday but is still the shortest girl in the class. Strikingly beautiful now her two front teeth have come down into place, and has a passion for the piano. Has been getting classes at school for the past 3 to 4 months.

    Tyler is doing really well. He’s a very smart cookie. Did a test this year at his school to check the students skill levels. Apparently he and another student topped the school. Tyler got 99% for the general knowledge test. Shirl and I are very proud of him ( and Tara) and are so glad we adopted as we both believe it was the only way we could ever have smart children. They grow too damn fast.

    Shirley is as beautiful as ever. She tried her hand at another cafe in town. Same story as Nepal. Worked her ass off for not too much income.Sold it after about 6 months.
    She now cares for a little autistic boy called James who has become like her 3rd kid. He is blossomong under Shirls care for the few hours of the day she looks after him. She’s such a great mum and wife. We are truely blessed.

    Me. Well what can I say. I’m turning 42 tomorrow. I am still straight. Have not been tempted to batt for the other team. I do miss you guys terribly, and it worries me that if we don’t communicate more, or we make a pilgrimage to see you , both the kids are going to forget who you are, and what you look like.

    Please contact us and let us know how your lives are going. We are still trying to win the lotto so we can get you guys to live with us on a a big property with a house each and no bloody debt.

    Love to you all, and God Bless.


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