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memories of smells

There are some smells from childhood that stick with you, smells with which you quickly associate a memory of a  person, place or thing. Here are some on mine from growing up in India.

1. fried fish = missing grandma

2. sticky, sweet honey = grandpa slaughtering a giant jack fruit with his machete

3. ginger and lemon = icky sore throats

4. disinfectant = mom scrubbing me clean (on the front porch)

5. coffee = quality time with dad = finding errors in the newspaper

6. rotten mangos and sweat = hugs from a specific uncle

7. asafoetida = people sans deodorant

8. rancid oil – yummy roadside treats

9. sour milk = poor rural clinics

10. Baked potato = a cobra is slithering somewhere close by

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old ties, forever friends

In the mail yesterday was a bright yellow envelope from Kate Blom. The Bloms attend our home church in Maryland, one that we haven’t been able to rejoin since we moved to Nepal and then to Oregon. We haven’t lived in Maryland since 2000, but 10 years and more later, our Maryland church family still keep in touch.

In the envelope was a card saying they still miss us and thought of us even more so when they found an old church newsletter with this article in it.