Personal Ramblings

if wishes could come true

I’m a realist. I’m so objective that our very first year of marriage I released Roy from the obligation of roses, chocolates and niceties on Valentine’s and anniversaries. But then, every once in a while, excess estrogen foams to the surface and I slip into wishful thinking. Today is one of those days. So, here goes. Ten things I wish I could have right now.

1. All three of my children living with me or next door.

2. Daily diet of chocolate, fruit, rice and fried fish.

3. A green thumb and a golden voice.

4. A bed by a window that looks over the ocean.

5. The ability to travel, volunteer, help–anytime, anywhere.

6. Pets that don’t die or poo.

7. A book deal that’ll send Grisham into exile.

8. The license to be snarky–anytime, anywhere.

9. Roy seeing the wisdom in downsizing.

10. Never needing sleep.

Personal Ramblings

my christmas wish

On Facebook today, David C. Cook posted, “Tell us what your “gotta have it gift” was when you were a child.” And it got me thinking. And I remembered so vividly. And I said:

My father. When I was about three, the church sponsored my dad for studies in the US. It was back when sponsorship did not include expenses to take one’s family. So my mom and I remained in India with my grandparents in a little village by the Arabian Sea with no modern conveniences. Except for a letter about every two weeks, we had no contact with him for over three years. Every Christmas–and every other special day–I only wished to see my daddy.