Personal Ramblings

if wishes could come true

I’m a realist. I’m so objective that our very first year of marriage I released Roy from the obligation of roses, chocolates and niceties on Valentine’s and anniversaries. But then, every once in a while, excess estrogen foams to the surface and I slip into wishful thinking. Today is one of those days. So, here goes. Ten things I wish I could have right now.

1. All three of my children living with me or next door.

2. Daily diet of chocolate, fruit, rice and fried fish.

3. A green thumb and a golden voice.

4. A bed by a window that looks over the ocean.

5. The ability to travel, volunteer, help–anytime, anywhere.

6. Pets that don’t die or poo.

7. A book deal that’ll send Grisham into exile.

8. The license to be snarky–anytime, anywhere.

9. Roy seeing the wisdom in downsizing.

10. Never needing sleep.

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