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i remember skies like this

This photograph of  the Milky Way through the rugged Annapurna, brought back memories of the sparkling canopy of stars in the Banepa skies and the lessons learned my first few months there. (I found the photo  here)

Life in Nepal, Personal Ramblings

blessed with a comfy life

This has been a Monday unlike most Mondays–minimal emails to answer; the meeting that I expected to last an hour was done in five minutes; found things I was looking for in half the usual time; and fixed dinner in less than 20 minutes: Romano crusted chicken, angel hair pasta, french bread with a balsamic cayenne dipping sauce, and a salad.

The credit for this fantabulous Monday goes to Today’s conveniences–keyboard shortcuts; fast Internet connection, Skype meetings. And in the kitchen, I have a very intelligent microwave, a handy faucet that instantly produces boiling water, chicken that comes prepackaged sans feather, skin and bones.


An average kitchen in Nepal

I often take these things for granted. But today, I’m in an especially grateful mood. Looking around my comfortable home, I am grateful for what I have. I’m certain I could live without most of them if I were forced to, but I’m blessed to have each little gadget of convenience.