Life in Nepal, Personal Ramblings

blessed with a comfy life

This has been a Monday unlike most Mondays–minimal emails to answer; the meeting that I expected to last an hour was done in five minutes; found things I was looking for in half the usual time; and fixed dinner in less than 20 minutes: Romano crusted chicken, angel hair pasta, french bread with a balsamic cayenne dipping sauce, and a salad.

The credit for this fantabulous Monday goes to Today’s conveniences–keyboard shortcuts; fast Internet connection, Skype meetings. And in the kitchen, I have a very intelligent microwave, a handy faucet that instantly produces boiling water, chicken that comes prepackaged sans feather, skin and bones.


An average kitchen in Nepal

I often take these things for granted. But today, I’m in an especially grateful mood. Looking around my comfortable home, I am grateful for what I have. I’m certain I could live without most of them if I were forced to, but I’m blessed to have each little gadget of convenience.


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