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Love that Sticks

In our car every morning, before we pull out of our driveway, Roy and I pray together. On some days the prayer is longer than usual. (I confess, there are some rushed mornings when one sacrilegiously drives with eyes on the road while the other prays, head bowed and eyes closed).

But this Monday morning, even though we were running late, we didn’t start the car; we stopped for an extra long prayer. It had been one of those weekends, and the week wasn’t looking any better.

Preoccupied with the long list my prayer had left at Heaven’s door, I went through my morning ritual at work–connected my laptop to the big monitor, watered my  office plants, tore open a granola bar, got a cup of tea–and began answering my emails.

And it was only then, as my finger scrolled down the monitor and my eyes followed the cursor to the bottom of the screen, did I see the sticky note someone had left for me.

Faith makes all things possible—loves makes all things easy.—Dwight L Moody #919lovethatsticks

I googled the hashtag #919lovethatsticks and learned it’s a WGTS campaign that fosters a kinder world (they have other ideas that are just as easy and rewarding–like the Drive Through Difference).

The sticky note was just what I needed. And now I’m going to leave notes too when impressed to do so. The note also has me reminding myself: I’ve got everything I need to take on anything—faith in God and the love of family and friends.


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taking abuse over azaleas

3:10 p.m.
Husband emails this picture to kids and me. Subject line reads:
Azaleas in Front of House


3:37 p.m.–Daughter responds:
Over or under two years before Mom murders them?

3:38 p.m.–Son pipes in:
Under. For sure.

3:39 p.m.–Husband joins the harassment:
Over. Mom’s only allowed to look.

4:01 p.m.–I think to myself:
I’m too good a person to participate in this conversation. I think I’ll just calmly burn those Azalea bushes down to a crisp.
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Spiritual Musings

family blessings

Jethro said, “God. And peace be with you.” Exodus 4:18 (The Message)

All of chapter three and half of chapter four of Exodus detail Moses’ job interview with God. Moses had absolutely no interest in the position, but God was determined that it be filled by Moses.

After many objections, Moses finally takes the job to be the leader of the people of Israel, to organize and orchestrate the freedom of a nation from slavery and oppression. And in accepting this post, there was going to be a domino of consequences–packing and moving, finding a replacement for his present job as foreman of his father-in-law’s estate, giving his wife a crash course on the strange customs of another people.

More importantly, with Moses’ new job came the reality that he was leaving Midian for good. He was leaving the family and land that was the only stable home in his life. He was leaving Jethro, his father-in-law, whom he loved and respected.

Moses had to leave; it was a call from God that he could not refuse. And, since it was a direct summons from God, Moses could have just told Jethro and the rest of the Midianite clan that he had no choice. They certainly would not have objected to something from God. But instead, Moses asked of Jethro, “Let me go back to my people . . .” (v. 17, NIV).

Even though he was just appointed by God as the CEO of a nation, Moses valued the approval and blessing of Jethro. In response, Jethro blessed Moses. It was a blessing that kept Moses and Jethro in close contact over the years; later when Moses needs leadership advice, Jethro steps in with great counsel.

Family blessings and tie–you can certainly live without them, but to have them enriches life.