Spiritual Musings

family blessings

Jethro said, “God. And peace be with you.” Exodus 4:18 (The Message)

All of chapter three and half of chapter four of Exodus detail Moses’ job interview with God. Moses had absolutely no interest in the position, but God was determined that it be filled by Moses.

After many objections, Moses finally takes the job to be the leader of the people of Israel, to organize and orchestrate the freedom of a nation from slavery and oppression. And in accepting this post, there was going to be a domino of consequences–packing and moving, finding a replacement for his present job as foreman of his father-in-law’s estate, giving his wife a crash course on the strange customs of another people.

More importantly, with Moses’ new job came the reality that he was leaving Midian for good. He was leaving the family and land that was the only stable home in his life. He was leaving Jethro, his father-in-law, whom he loved and respected.

Moses had to leave; it was a call from God that he could not refuse. And, since it was a direct summons from God, Moses could have just told Jethro and the rest of the Midianite clan that he had no choice. They certainly would not have objected to something from God. But instead, Moses asked of Jethro, “Let me go back to my people . . .” (v. 17, NIV).

Even though he was just appointed by God as the CEO of a nation, Moses valued the approval and blessing of Jethro. In response, Jethro blessed Moses. It was a blessing that kept Moses and Jethro in close contact over the years; later when Moses needs leadership advice, Jethro steps in with great counsel.

Family blessings and tie–you can certainly live without them, but to have them enriches life.

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