Spiritual Musings

God makes memories

Genesis 41:49 Joseph collected so much grain–it was like the sand of the ocean!–that he finally quit keeping track.
This verse relates a simple fact: Joseph could not humanly keep track of all the grain that God provided. It also paints a picture of hyperbolic proportions: I imagine Joseph sitting on a haystack while his workers roll wheelbarrows full of grain into silos. Quill in hand, Joseph frantically tries to keep count of the wheelbarrows. He brings in assistants, but is still short-staffed. So he gets assistants for his assistants. Imagine the frustration and excitement that simultaneously wrought this man–a man accustomed to being in control,  organized, efficient, on top of things!
To pray and be heard is warm and fuzzy; to be surprised and overwhelmed by God’s goodness is to have a memory that you will remember for eternity.

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