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album of deliverance

This is because of what God did for me. Exodus 13:8 (The Message)

God and I share a photo album. It’s not the digital kind with easy access to random pictures. It’s old school–the kind that grows heavier with every year, the one that weighs a ton and is stored up on the shelf. It has two hard covers that hold the pages together with a ribbon that marks my first memory of Him. Some pages are old, others are new from just last month. Some pictures have faded with time, others vividly clear in spite of tear drop stains. Some memories I recollect every day, others I save for days like today.

I would not survive today if I could not remember the yesterdays. Memories of overcoming past struggles with an extra portion of God-dependency is the only way to keep shut the doors of disappointment, fear, pain and depression. No one knows this better than God. He has seen every human being from Adam to me face life with the disability of sin, and to each of us he says Tap into my strength and you can get through this. And then create a memorial, a memorial of deliverance, grace and love.

On the eve of deliverance from Egypt and slavery, God said the same thing to his people. Even though the plagues and the drama at Pharaoh’s courts were enough to confirm God’s love, it was important for the people to forever imprint on their memory God’s goodness. To survive the next 40 years in the wilderness, it was crucial for their children and every generation thereafter to look through their album of deliverance and rejoice in God’s leading.

So, in all the mad rush of packing and sloshing blood on the doorpost, God told His people to take the time to begin a photo album. Tell your child on that day:’This is because of what God did for me when I came out of Egypt.’ And they survived and claimed the promised land.

With my album of deliverance in my hand, I too will survive today.

Personal Ramblings

life is like a bicycle

This is for MC . . .

Albert Einstein had a son who struggled with mental illness. Imagine that. Here was a genius, a man with so much to his name and fame, someone everyone looked to for solutions to problems. Yet he couldn’t fix life for his son. In a letter to his son, he said “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you should keep moving.”

Life is a struggle. Sometimes we are on the bike, sometimes we fall off. But it’s a good thing all of us don’t fall off at the same time! When I fall, I am glad for those who prop me up, dust me off, and help me get back on.

Getting back on the bike is key. Getting through tough times is possible with the support of one another and believing that “a life submitted to God cannot fail.” (paraphrasing . . . .it’s somewhere in Jeremiah!)