Spiritual Musings

the Lord is with you

2 Chron 14:17 Do not fear, do not be dismayed . . . for the Lord is with you.
Jahaziel makes a brief appearance in the Bible. In just a small paragraph of five verses he enters and leaves the story with nothing but one profound statement.
The scene is a petrified nation of Judah faced with a joint attack by the Moabites and Midianites. They are clueless and without a plan of attack; their king is scared out of his mind as well.  Into this scene walks Jahaziel. Don’t know what he looked like, but the Bible says that “the Spirit of the Lord” was upon him.
To the people and the king, Jahaziel says Do not fear . . . for the Lord is with you. The result of this short speech is astounding: Their enemies end up destroying themselves in the following paragraph and the people of Judah are upbeat and praising God. All it took was the encouragement of ONE man filled with the Spirit.
When presented with an opportunity to encourage or uplift, be filled with the Spirit and go for it!