Spiritual Musings

crazy divine plans

I’m the Lord’s maid, ready to serve. Let it be with me just as you say. Luke 1:38

Seems to me like most of God’s plans are on the somewhat crazy side of divine. Is it to amuse His audience, to make obedience that much more difficult or to just for theatrical reasons?

For instance making man out of dirt, fighting a giant with a boy, bringing down a city wall with horns and trumpets, feeding thousands with a couple of fish. And of course creating Baby Messiah without sperm.

What’s with all this divine flamboyance? I’m not second guessing God; just wondering. All the behind-the-scene acts of grace imply that it’s not for His own dramatic glory or self-gratification. All the love and mercy He gives us wretched people imply that it’s not to trap us into sin. So, the only reason I can come up with for these bizzarre God plans is to nurture trust.

God asks Noah to build an during rainless times or us to do something equally nonsensical not because he likes to confuse or play 20 Questions, but because he wants us to learn to trust Him. God wants us to be willing to do it His way no matter how crazy the request.

Have the faith to know that when God asks us to do the illogical, He does the impossible. Like when Mary was told she would have a baby as a virgin, we too must be able to say with ease and conviction: “I am the Lord’s, ready to serve.”