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cheapest flower arrangement ever

I’m no Martha Stewart. I’m so bad at home decor that I couldn’t even pass as a distant cousin to Martha’s most distant cousin. And that’s why I’m pretty impressed with my creation, my very own DIY!

I started with three bottles of varying heights and color. The tallest one at the back is frosty white; the middle is green; and the third clear. All three were garage sale finds for 30 cents.

Next I got three stems of artificial flowers that looked pretty real. I never know how to match flowers with one another or with the wall it’s up against. So I played safe and went with greens and neutrals. I got one of the stems for free with the bottles. And the other two were 60% off at JoAnn’s. Total cost of flowers: $3.98

Finally, I stuck one stem in each of the bottles and crowded the bottles together in a corner.

Voila! I say that’s pretty good for $4.28 and zero skills.