Tithing by Douglas Leblanc (Thomas Nelson)

Kudos to Thomas Nelson for championing the basic disciplines of faith. Far too many Christians today have swung so far left that the warm fuzzies of God’s grace entwining with man’s heart have obfuscated the everyday responsibilities of Christian life and service.

The Cross and God’s grace give us salvation; but the life of the saved is more than clinging to the promise of that Cross. We do not live in a monastic cocoon. Saved or not, we are required to live responsibly in a sinful world. And it takes more than grace and a warm fuzzy feeling to do that. The Ancient Practices Series brings back to focus the basic need and the foundation of Christ-like living– practices governed by discipline, worship, priorities and principles. Tithing is one of seven in the series.

What I like about the book is that Leblanc does not fill it with proof texts and stories from the Bible to justify and validate the practice of tithing. That would be compiling stuff we already know or what we can Google on our own. More importantly the truth and theory of tithe does not immediately beget tithers. Tithers are born out of a tested, worshipful, loyal relationship with God. Knowing this to be true, Leblanc crafts this book out of the experiences of tithers across the country. Real people, real stories. And the result is a book that not only convinces us about the need to practice tithing, but also challenges us to tithe as an act of worship and praise.

Challenge yourself to read the book with an open and prayerful mind. Be persistent, read it from beginning to end. While there are a few unnecessary digressions, the bulk of the material is worth the editorial oversight. So keep at it!

(I received this book free from Thomas Nelson. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)