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10 things airports reveal about people

I’ve been people watching at airports for the past 24 hours. Here are my observations:

1. Parents traveling with three or more children yell a lot.
2. Fathers traveling alone with a brood are like sad pandas that have given up on ever finding a succulent bamboo reed again.
3. Women traveling in really short skirts and really tall heels look like they swam out the same genetic pool.
4. The one tall guy out of every 30 tall guys would be rich if he shared his shopping secret of where to find trousers in the right length.
5. There’s an inordinate number of women who splay glitter and sparkles on their bosom and derriere.
6. There’s an inordinate number of people who have yet to embrace the deodorant.
7. The world would be a more peaceful place if there were walkways exclusively for Type A personalities.
8. Seniors from the age of the telegram panic when they can’t find free WiFi.
9. Even the most beautiful human being looks stupid when lip singing to their iPod.
10. Couples in matching clothes are cuter than kittens in bonnets.

Photo by 褚 天成 on Unsplash