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it’s hotter than?

A couple of weeks ago on an exceptionally hot spring day, I posted on Facebook: “It’s hotter than . . . (Tell me and keep it clean)”

Here are the responses I got. (Below that are my comments). How would you say it?

It’s hotter than . . .

  • Delhi in July–Nora
  • The president at an NRA convention–Eugene
  • Ryan Gosling–Joseph
  • Ingesting habjeneros while sunbathing in Puerto Vallerta.–Meline
  • All the forecasters’ predictions. They got it wrong AGAIN–Ricardo
  • Australia* (No, nothing could be as hot as that)–Elisabeth
  • Beach sand in August–Lyndelle
  • Mt. St. Helena when it explored.–Cathy
  • The rack my hand hits inside the oven every time I think I can cook–Nicole (Richey)**
  • Can I say hell?***–Grace
  • Thailand*–Alvina
  • Right now (after being hot this afternoon, it’s cold and windy)–Beverly
  • Satan in a sauna–Don
  • An elevator--Mini
  • Roy****--Elisabeth
  • Chillies–Sheri
  • My boney-ass ugly neighbor. (Ohh … not ugly at all (nor boney). Sorry. It sounded okay inside my head)–Balu
* They live there
** I really know her–the Nicole Richey
*** Obviously she just said it :)
**** She’s obviously met Roy, my husband
Feature image by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

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