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the cure for grumpiness

The clock was saying 3:33 p.m.

I saw no good omen in the triple three play. I saw nothing optimistic about three-fourths of my day at work behind me. I saw no reason to focus on the joy of soon going home to cat and husband.

All I knew was that my contract designer was late–again and my deadline was staring at me.

I. Was. Grumpy.

It’s taken me years to embrace the logic that it’s futile to get mad or grumpy or sad or whatever over things over which I have no control.

Ergo, the designer was no reason to be grumpy.

But grumpy I was. So I figured I’d walk off my grumpiness.

Within 10 minutes of walking, I quickly discovered that walking in heels only makes the grumpy even grumpier. So back to my office I went. On my way, I vented to Luci about my inability to shake off my grumpiness. She only added to my mood by emphasizing that I was in a pretty sorry state if I couldn’t see the benefits of exercise to mood enhancement. To her credit, she did –at the end–ask me what would help eradicate my grumpy mood.

“Chocolate,” I responded.

And chocolate Luci had. Dark, Dove chocolate. One of my favorites.

Blessing her silently with twins within the next 12 months (Hope she appreciates this as much as I did the chocolate), I snarkily said, “Perhaps Dove has a witty saying that will lift my spirits.”

And here’s what I read on the inside of the wrapper.

How’s that for a daily dose of miracle for an underserving grump?


Feature image by Jesscica Johnston on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “the cure for grumpiness”

  1. I’m glad I was able to solve your grumpiness (not me, really, the chocolate I gave you)!!! Let me know when you are grumpy again. I might just have some more Dark Dove Chocolate waiting for you :-))) Hope you are feeling better!!!

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