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a good day that got better

The day began as the Sabbath, giving it a jumpstart of goodness. Slept in. Had breakfast in bed. Read. Went to church. Cooked lunch with my son–a Sabbath ritual that’s super special to me.

And then I found this at my doorstep. No note. Just a purple bag of yummies and purple flowers. The purple sort of gave my friend, Judy, away.

Inside the bag were chocolates from Lillie Belle and cheese from Rogue Creamery–and a large cheese cloth too (Now I have no excuses not to make my own paneer.)

The packaging of the chocolates was purple too. Almost too pretty to open.

But open it, I did; Of course, I did! Such color and presentation! Can you not taste it?

Dee-Leesh-She-Yes! Absolutely nothing was wasted. Not even the bow.

And that’s how my good day got better!
Feature image by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash

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