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grandpa’s influence

I found this email from my father to my daughter when she was 11 years old. So glad I saved it–It reminds of all things about him that have influenced her: His encouraging spirit, his dry sense of humor, his interest in history and trivia, his respect for and love of people and cultures, and his astute sense of finances (Well, that last one might just be an Indian thing!)


To: The Residents of the Administrator’s home at Scheer Memorial Hospital, Banepa, Nepal, particularly to one named Sky

From: The Residents of **** Athey Road, Burtonsville, MD 20866, particularly from one called grandpa

Dearest Sky:

Thank you for the lovely card you sent from Bali, and especially for the beautiful, well crafted, letter sent to all of us. Your language was not only perfect, but it tells me that you could turn out to be a better writer than your mom, your uncle, and most definitely your grandpa. And your handwriting is beautiful–not as beautiful as you are, but quite admirable. Keep up those skills.

God has blessed you with so many talents–singing, speaking with choice words, writing, great brains to study, good humor, and so on. With all these, and with the help of God and your parents and the rest of us who love you the most, you cannot but succeed well in life.

Yes, Bali is a nice place. I was three some four years ago, and stayed in a large hotel on the beach somewhat outside the town. I used to go into town almost daily to watch the lovely handicrafts being made. I am not sure if you know it, but Bali and Tamil Nadu (ie., Southern part of India) had great trade links for centuries, beginning some 2500 years ago. That’s why the architecture, the names, and even the use of coconut reflect the style of the Tamil people (ie., me). Even the Hindu religion has had its impact on Bali and the western coast of Java. I am glad you are getting to see so much of the world at this young age, and this should help you appreciate better the cultures and the problems of other people groups.

I know you are studying well. Keep up the good work, and keep prodding your brother to do his studies just as well.

Have you started saving toward a car fund. In another few years, you will be driving, and as I said before, I will match whatever you save.

Love to you and other residents in the administrator’s house, from all of us here.

Feature image by Jara Lenz on Unsplash

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