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steve jobs on my facebook newsfeed

Of today, my son said, “It’s like the whole world stopped this evening. There’s nothing else on the Internet or anywhere else but talk of Steve Jobs.” True. I had things to do–important stuff. But I stopped too. And I googled–with an unexplainable heaviness of loss–bits and pieces, trivia and quotes, of man who changed us and our lives.

Most of what I found online anyone can just as easily find for themselves. So here’s a collection from my Facebook newsfeed–words from the ordinary, every day lives that feel the loss of Steve Jobs.

I am truly sorry to hear about the death of Steve Jobs. I truly feel that if it was not for him I would not have become a “techy grandma” His innovations have allowed us to enjoy the ipad, ipod, imac and a host of other things. I felt so sad when I opened my computer and saw his picture saying 1955 to 2011.–Lena

Sad sad sad.. so sad!!!!! What an important singular force in modern civilization… wow!!!–Balu

Transformed the way humans live today. Transformed daily life!! How many people can say that for themselves?–Balu

His time has come . . . God bless his family–Chrys

very sad. very sad. I am grieving for a man I never knew, but who impacted our lives greatly. The genius has left us. Thank you Steve.

Sad day for Mac fans…–Natalie

Sad world has lost a great innovator..who made our lives so savy..Ipad,Iphone,Ipod. RIP Steve Jobs..!–Moni

Goodbye Steve. You were my hero.–Scott

Sad, sad. Such a loss to the ranks of creativity, inspiration & technological innovation! Cook’s no Jobs.–Hernan

Please give Steve Jobs the proper burial he deserves. Under an Apple tree. RIP–Ryan

Steve Jobs…..The Apple of our eye, you will be missed….RIP.–Shaila

Fell in love with the apple products and now the co- founder is no more…….he sure was a man with a vision. He will be missed.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Job well done!–Satish

So sad about the passing of Steve Jobs :(–Sonali

‎”He’s always going to be remembered, at least for the next hundred years, as the greatest technology business leader of our time.” —Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the legacy of Steve Jobs.–Ray

My friend posted this picture of his daughter… RIP Steve Jobs–Bil

The quotes here of Jobs are a great collection.

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