Personal Ramblings, Reading Life Between the Lines

growing up fowler

Visiting my parents, I see little things about my dad that remind me of why I love to learn new things:

  • The dominant sound of breakfast is BBC on the TV (When I was little it was BBC on dad’s Grundig shortwave)
  • The basement is for books, as is every available wall space and corner in the house
  • The subject of bathroom reading is wars and history. And at least one book exclusively on Churchill
  • Dad walks around with a fat volume of 501 Great Speeches like it’s the Sports Illustrated
  • Light reading is an accumulation of facts and trivia. During my two days here I’ve learned things like Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath to cover his bald spot; that a human fetus has fingerprints by three months; that the Nestle family has not run the Nestle chocolate company since 1875.

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