Spiritual Musings

for loot or love?

Amen! Come, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22: 20, NIV)

Sky’s favorite thing to do as a toddler was to look through Grandma’s silk sarees. The brilliance of the bright colors and gold embroidery would keep her enthralled for hours. And she was ecstatic when she learned that all of them would be hers one day.

However, she did not understand why she couldn’t have them right away if they were all going to be hers any way. So it was obvious to us that it was time to discuss the subject of death and inheritance. Unfortunately, the discussion had no effect on her—She focused only on the loot and not on Grandma’s love. And with great impatience she’d ask us every day . . . When is Grandma going to die?!

The Bible ends with Jesus assuring us of two things: 1) His coming is a certainty; and 2) He is coming quickly. For sure, our response ought to be the same as John’s—Amen! Come, Lord Jesus. Yet we should revisit, every day, the reason behind our response. Is it a selfish one? Perhaps for the streets of gold, a life with pain or death?

Do we await the Second Coming for the loot or to be with the One we love?

Feature image by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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