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book art extraordinaire

We Klines are book fiends. We have no trouble whatsoever one-clicking through Amazon and accumulating books faster than we can read them. But just try convincing any of us to get rid of a book! We simply cannot let go of our books. So we have books lined up along the walls, shelved on top of dressers, stacked in corners, window sills, under beds and in every imaginable space.

The most creative use of books in our home is short stack that functions as an end table. But this guy’s use of books simply blows my mind. If I could do what he does, the books in my house would be enough to cover every wall!

2 thoughts on “book art extraordinaire”

  1. lol, for a moment I felt a kindred spirit ! I went to the art link you posted and I decided that I still want to be able to access my books ! I don’t think he intends to.

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