Personal Ramblings

time out

The past couple of months have been extremely busy. So busy, that when Sabbath rolls around, I crash into a four-hour or longer nap. The nap is good, but when I wake up, the new week is staring me straight in the face with a list of things todo. And I’m racing all over again to get everything done.

Today, I decided I would not be caught in this vicious cycle of busyness. I’ve been caught in it many times before, and every time it end up the same–I unravel into this awful person no one wants to be around. It was time to remind myself that not everything needs to get done and it’s important to take time out to do something fun, something that detoxes my brain of stuff.

So today I crocheted all afternoon while watching Veggie Tales. And I’m feeling wonderfully whole again!

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