i am his, by rita j platt (navpress)

For every woman out there who has missed out on experiencing the wondrous bond that exists only between a father and a daughter, this book is especially for you. For those out there who have been disappointed in relationships, be it with spouse, sibling, parent, child or friend, this book is for you too.

A day-by-day study over a period of 8 weeks, this book encourages the reader to get real–to face fear, anger, pain and disappointment and reach out to our Father God who can fill the emptiness of life on earth. This is a study of the character of God from the perspective of his created being. It is an exposition of  the original plan of Eden for a perfect relationship between God and man. It is also the story of Platt’s personal journey of letting go of emotional baggage and leaning on trust in God.

Through her story and that of others, Platt draws the reader to reflect of God’s Word and promises as solutions to the brokenness of life.

Definitely a good study guide.

(I received this book free from NavPress. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)

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