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if it keeps you up, it’s got to go

Note: I wrote this in 2009 and I’m proud to say I’ve been clean 2 years and counting.

For weeks now, I’ve had a suspicion that I am an addict. To confirm this suspicion, I went googling and learnt that some signs of addiction are: using the stuff to forget problems or to relax; keeping it a secret; losing interest in activities that used to be important; spending a lot of time figuring out how to get more of it; needing more and more of it.

Now, I’m certain I am a wurdle addict. Wurdle is a word game on my iPhone that increases my vocabulary and exercises my brain. Yet, in spite of all its educational value, it is addictive. I find myself wurdling while on phone, sautéing onions, waiting for the shower to warm up. I even reach for it when I wake up in the middle of a sleepless night. Wurdle has now virtually replaced my Bible by my bed.

So it’s obvious that I need some major intervention—not just dealing with my wurdle addiction but all the other seemingly good stuff that surreptitiously robs my life of time with God. In the Christian life, it is often the good stuff and sinless deeds of a busy life that tempt us away from intimacy with God.


2 thoughts on “if it keeps you up, it’s got to go”

  1. I am addicted to this wordpress challenge and I have a new blog on Divorce, please stop by today is Day one for it. About this Blog
    Hi! I’m Jackie Paulson, a freelance paralegal and writer, and live in Park City, IL (USA). I want my blog to be a place which people visit to look for balanced and reliable information on a variety of subjects. One of the aims of this blog is to present information in a clear format.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      WordPress’s postaday challenge is a good kind of addiction, I think. It has brought back a little discipline into my life. Keep at it!

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