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five creative ways to blog every day (and keep a resolution)

One consistent element every year of my life has been my failure to keep a New Year’s resolution. So I was determined–2011 was going to be different. I was going to pick a realistic, simple resolution. And keep it. WordPress’s Post-A-Day and Post-A-Week challenges seemed a perfect fit since I love to write. Only thing, I should have been truly realistic and went with posting a blog once a month. But, no, I ambitiously chose to post every day.

In less than 30 days, my zeal had fizzled. But at least my determination was soaring on empty.

Over 100 days and one-fourth the way there, I’m still blogging every day, thanks to five creative, genius strategies that come into play when I’ve run out of things to say:

1. Post a random picture. Slap on a caption. Don’t have a picture? Get a cat–they just sit around, too lazy to move, always posing. Besides, everyone loves cat pictures.

Stalker at the Window

2. Share something–anything–that happened during your day. There’s someone out there worse off than you who will read your boringness like its Conde Nast.

3. Shed your pride, retrieve and dust off those old journals from 20 years ago and give your readers something sappy–or pathetic or just plain awww.

4. Post a video of something, preferably something of value to someone else like a personal recipe. But if you can’t do that, go to Plan B–the cat.

5. Post five creative ways to blog every day. (Okay, that was cheating. But lists of five, ten or whatever do the trick.)

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