Personal Ramblings

faith in a box?

In the first 10 minutes, it was quite obvious he had thoroughly googled me—Not in the creepy, stalker kind of way; but more like in a I-better-know-whom-I-might-be-working-with, smart sort of way. So when he said Tell me about yourself, it was just as obvious that he wasn’t talking about my work experience, my portfolio, my rambling blog or even my penchant for chocolate.

What was there that wasn’t already plastered online? So, I told the truth. And in telling the truth, I broke every rule I’ve read on good business practices–separate, keep apart, compartmentalize business and personal, emotions and knowledge, faith and work. I said First and foremost I am a woman of faith.

As soon as the words were out, I realized they could either make or break the deal. And the realization washed over me with pride–yes, with pride; not regret. In that moment, I realized that my life really is one big box of everything. There are no compartments to my soul or persona. I am the same me at home or at work. Sure, most of the time, I have the sense to know what to keep to myself and when to shut up. But when it comes down to what makes me tick, what steers my choices,what makes my relationships, what sets my priorities, what forms my work ethics and my integrity, it is my faith.

And faith is one thing that absolutely cannot be kept in a box.

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