Personal Ramblings

the simple constants that give my life rhythm

1. A cup of tea every morning. Just me, Mr. Kitty and the silence of a new day.

2. One oatmeal raisin and walnut cookie from Cookie Connection per trip to the post office. It makes up for how much I hate the packing and shipping part of ebay sales.

3. Hot tub conversations. Every evening, we come together for dinner, followed by half hour in the hot tub. Special news and conversations are save for our evening ritual.

4. Skypeing with my daughter at bedtime. I sleep better knowing she’s safe in her dorm room, tucked in for the night.

5. Browsing for castles for sale. What can I say, you’ve got to daydream a little!

6. Reading a new book every Friday. Gives me a good reason to relax and enjoy the weekend. Chores will still be there on Monday.

7. Journaling my thoughts on a Bible text on Sundays. It’s like a mega dose of Ginseng for me.

8. Sabbath afternoon naps. This one’s self-explanatory.

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