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the perks of memory loss

Fibromyalgia is a package deal that comes with many accessorial conditions. Memory loss is one of them. But between my many gadgets and my family, I manage to remember most things. (This year my brother reminded me that it was my birthday)

However there are some things for which even Remember the Milk is no good. So, rather than get bummed out over memory loss, I focus on its perks.

  • I can watch a movie for the fifth time and it’ll still be a new movie.
  • I can have a second piece of cake at the end of the day without the guilt of the first piece I had in the morning.
  • When I get angry or am hurt, I know for a fact that in a few days I won’t remember the incident at all.
  • Walking around the house looking for something I don’t remember gives me a lot of exercise.
  • I’m easier to live with now that I don’t spit out “I told you so” every chance I get.


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