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the serendipities in life

Every serendipitous moment in my life has been a result taking the time to give in–Giving in to a task when I didn’t have the time, giving in to plans without an end in sight, giving in to a need when I didn’t have the resources, giving in to an intuition that didn’t make sense. As a result, I’ve met some extraordinary people and been a part of some incredible experiences–Finding homes for abandoned babies, organizing a country’s first marathon, buying cows for milk in a pediatric ward, starting an underground Christian school where proselytizing was prohibited, infusing indifferent teenagers with a spirit of community service, helping a stranger who would later be a government minister.

Meeting Michael Daube and David Driver was one of those random encounters. But it took just one conversation over coffee to realize that here was someone who also believed in the purpose of serendipitous moments. He believed, like I did, that everything happens for a specific reason. There are no coincidences or accidents; only opportunities. When we give in to these opportunities, we become part of something bigger than we can ever imagine. And in that something, we find our purpose in life.

Michael’s story is an example of this. My opportunity to work with Michael lasted just a few months, before another random event had me changing directions and moving to the other side of the world. Yet that short period of time has had a profound effect on so many things in my life. Interra Foundation is an example.

Michael’s story is told in David Driver’s documentary Way of Life. I’m very excited–not just because the film showcases the life of a true philanthropist but because of its potential to call many more into an exciting life of giving.

Here’s the trailer. (You’ll find me thrice: one is just my voice and the other two are very plump me!)

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