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the best soap by far

For Christmas my daughter got me a soap from Sweet Petula. It is the best soap I’ve ever used thus far.

Here’s my checklist for super quality bathing soap. Sweet Petula met my every requirement.

Solid, chunky soap. I’m not fond of the delicate little bars of soap that slip through my fingers in the shower. I like my bar of soap to be nice and big. This fits snugly in my large hands.

Fragrance lasts to the last sliver. I hate when the soap smells wonderful when you tear open the package , but smells like nothing after a couple of uses, I love the essence of lavender, but oftentimes the lavender is bath products (eg. Yardley, Crabtree & Evelyn) have a slightly pungent fake lavender-ness. But  Sweet Petula’s lavender was like inhaling a lavender bush on a hot summer day. It was simply aromatherapeutic.

All natural ingredients. Natural oils and essences make these soaps keep your skin soft and hydrated. I don’t have a need for cream or lotion after a shower.

Creamy yet full of lather. There are lots of good quality soaps that are creamy (eg. Lush), but I like a soap with the suds of dish detergent and the creaminess of a lotion. And I both in this.

Has a long life. When you spend  $7 on a bar of soap, it’d better last you a whole month. This one does.

Sweet Petula, you get an A+ from me.

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