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turn-the-other-cheek, Tyndale style

Right now I feel like God’s step child. And here’s the why behind it.

About a month ago, I wrote this review of Tyndale’s new devotional Bible, In His Image. Outrightly blunt, I pretty much told all my readers not to buy the devotional Bible. Worse yet, I strongly implied that they should instead purchase Zondervan’s far superior Life Application Bible.

Tyndale, being a large, well-established publisher, probably has several options when dealing with a small-time blogger like me. In fact, ignoring one negative review out of hundreds of positive ones would probably have been their easiest course of action.

But here’s what happened: First, the week I posted my review, Adam Sabados (@AdamSab), Tyndale’s Digital Media Coordinator tweeted: “I’m really liking your reviews, thank you!” Notice how it’s a compliment  without any but’s or excepts’s tacked on to it?

Feeling quite the heel, I replied: “Aw, thanks. Didn’t want to dis on Tyndale in the last one, but personal opinion prevailed.” Notice how I continued to cling to my personal opinion without giving room for anything else?

Adam simply said,”Honestly is the best policy. :)”

Then, this week, a long time after I quickly got over feeling like a heel, I received, in the mail, an award certificate for Tyndale’s Life Application Bible. It was an oops moment; Until then, I didn’t know Tyndale published a Life Application Bible! In the envelope was just the certificate—-no letter pointing out that my comparison was as fair as the one of apples and oranges. All Tyndale did was give me an opportunity to try their application Bible. Of all the options a giant like Tyndale has, they chose to turn the other cheek and simply let their work speak for them.

When one of God’s children, a brother or sister, reaches out to me with the graciousness I don’t deserve, I can’t help but feel somewhat less of a sibling in Christ.

Yeah, I kinda feel like God’s step child right now.

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