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survival with the spirit

Some years ago I watched a National Geographic show about prairie dogs. When a female prairie dog has a litter of pups, she needs plenty of nourishment and stamina. The pups are forever hungry and demand more and more milk every day. Understandably, the larger the litter, the greater the demand on the mother.

So what do you think the mother does when she realizes she is not producing enough milk for her pups? Like any mother, she is determined to do what it takes to keep her pups alive. So here’s what she does—She pays a visit to her sister, who has also just had a litter of pups. And then while she is there, she EATS her sister’s pups—her own nephews and nieces!! She now is once again fortified with nourishment to care for her own family.

According to statistics, 39% of prairie pups are cannibalized every year. That’s one in every 7 litters. Talk about survival tactics!

Praise God that we are created with a conscience, with the power of the Holy Spirit that gives us the natural inclination to do good, to choose the right over the wrong.

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