Spiritual Musings

show me!

Then God said, “Let us make. . . .” Genesis 1:26

Creation Week showcases God in-charge, God all-powerful. He speaks and it comes to be–the land, the sea, and everything therein and in between. An incredible performance–every act is orchestrated to perfection, and all synchronized with the repeated proclamation–“Let there be . . .” God speaks, there is light. God speaks there is atmosphere. God speaks, there is vegetation. God speaks, there are galaxies. God speaks, there are living creatures.

But then, in the final act, the rhythm of His speaking climatically breaks with His action. Digging His holy hands into the miry clay, God says, “Let us make.” When it came to creating man, creating me, God did more than speak. He got His hands dirty to show me his intimate love.

All of us have the Eliza Doolittle weariness of just words, words and more words. “Show me,” we cry in our need to see and feel love expressed. How wonderful that God understands this need. So much, that He got down on His knee and did what He did for no other creature–He formed us, with word and action, in His image.


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