Misc Stuff

the luck of the pea

Sandy, my neighbor, called me, Neal and I would like your family over for black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day, she said. She must be as bad a cook as she has always claimed to be, I thought to myself. Black-eyed peas certainly doesn’t get me salivating. My unintentional heavy pause sent her on an explanation of the black-eye pea tradition in her family and how she really wanted my family to also have good luck this year.

I quickly accepted her invitation while I mentally made a note to myself to google the magical abilities of the lowly black-eyed pea before the good luck tea party. I didn’t have to look very far (Thank you, New York Times). And the tradition we partook of was fabulous–from the black-eyed peas to the company, it made for a great start to a new year.


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