The Mockingbird Parables, by Matt Litton

The book made me want to teach English Literature again in a Christian  high school. So, if you are into literature and love to read Christian ideology between the lines of everything you read, don’t bother with the rest of this review. Just take my word and go out and get yourself a copy of The Mockingbird Parables.

But, be warned. The analogies and inferences will be totally meaningless you if have not already read To Kill a Mockingbird. Litton’s expositions of even the most minor scenes in To Kill a Mockingbird are done with mastery that requires your familiarity with them.

Another piece of advice: Read the book from start to finish. Trying to understand parts of it outside of the context of the entire book may be confusing. For example, Litton’s statement on page 128, “Pity is an emotion that empowers us to continue pretending we don not need God’s grace” makes no sense by itself or even in the context of the few lines before and after it. But it the context of the scene it exposes and the idea of how pity for others feeds our self-righteousness, it makes complete sense.

I have strong opinions about literature, especially in the Christian classroom, being a channel to highlight positive lifestyle choices. This book is a good example of how that can be done.

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