Personal Ramblings

rocked to sleep on the bay

There’s noise everywhere: Around me are disgruntled people, in my head are reminders of many things that need to be done, in my heart are thoughts, anxious and angry. All together, it’s noise that disturbs me, that longs for just a moment of peace.

And I think back, stretching my memory, to remember the last time I had a perfect moment of peace. And I remember. It was in the back waters of Kerala where our houseboat docked for the night in the middle of a watery nowhere. I lay down on the futon covered in cool white cotton and look up. A perfect black sky shimmer with stars, the tame waters rock me to a lull. The oarsman stays discreetly silent while I cry out all my tears.  And with that emptying I feel peace. In that stillness I hear God . . . Be still and know that I am here.

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