Spiritual Musings

prayer closet

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father. Matthew. 6:6

I love the fact that I can pray anytime, anywhere. I appreciate a God who doesn’t expect me to get down on my knees just at sundown or sunup and face Southwest or wherever. I love that I can pray with my eyes open in the middle of a basketball game, in the midst of all the cheering.

Yet, when I saw Ellen White’s prayer closet (Sunnyside, Australia), I was goosebumped in awe: In her very own house, where she could shut any door for peace and quiet, she converted a small walk-in closet that could hold nothing but her armchair into what she called her prayer closet.

I picture her walking into that claustrophobic space with just her Bible in her hands, turning around in the little confined space to shut the door behind her. I see her spending an hour or more totally and completely alone with God. The symbolism and ritual represented in that picture of one closet with a lone chair and a woman so completely focused  said to me: All the chitchat I have with God throughout my busy day should not, must not exempt me from intimate, one-on-one time alone with Him.

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