Spiritual Musings

did god really need light?

My very first memory of pondering is of staring at creation circles on a flannel board, trying to make sense of it all.  Back then I had just one question: Why didn’t God make Adam first so He would have help all week long? The older I got, the more I wondered. Like why light on the first day? I’ve heard the explanation that involves chlorophyll and science and God’s divine order. But that one’s not good enough for me. So here’s my take on it.

I imagine the upcoming Creation Earth making the headlines. It’s to be the biggest show of all time, a reality show with divine participation. Everything is hush hush. No one knows the details–not the number of episodes, not the creature blueprints, not the end product. Nothing. This is clearly a great opportunity for God to showcase His skills.

With that degree of anticipation, God can capitalize on universal curiosity and get a big bang of glory advertising. He could even do what most artists do–create the earth little by little, day by day, under His shadow. He could keep the everyone guessing and build up anticipation until opening night. And then he could turn on the lights–on the very last day–and unveil His masterpiece. Now that’s how I would do it–lights on the last day.

But not God. He begins Creation Earth by turning on the flood lights. Why? He doesn’t need the light to find his tools; but we need it to see Him at work. He doesn’t need the light to go from one day to another; but we need it to witness His steadfastness. He doesn’t need the light for his self-image; but we need it to see our self-worth.

That’s why the lights came on first. It was for me to see and understand Him.

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