consequences of wallowing

“. . . They didn’t even hear him–they were that beaten down in spirit.” (Exodus 6:10, The Message)

The last few verses of Exodus 4 paint a perfect people–Moses and Aaron have gathered all the leaders and all the people. They tell them of the wondrous things God is doing for them. Everyone listens; everyone believes. Then everyone bows and worships God.

But then at the end of chapter 5 the same believers are now doubters. Angry and fearful, they challenge God’s plan. Even Moses questions God and declares that “things have only gotten worse” (5:23).

When faced with the hardships of the moment, God’s people were blinded to the joys of the future. So God, in His patience, begins to recollect aloud all of His promises. He stresses every one with a definitive “I will”– I will bring you out, I will rescue you, I will redeem, I will take you as my own, I will bring you into the Promised land. I will. I will. I will. And then He finally proclaims I AM YOUR GOD! (6:6-8)

But they don’t hear Him! They had wallowed so far down in their mirky misery that they hear nothing but their own groaning and whining. Pessimism had deafened them to the voice of God.

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