Spiritual Musings

begin all things with God

Gen 8:20 Noah built an altar to God.

Another Noah insight that follows yesterday’s thought. . . The Noah before the flood was one whom both God and man thought was a good man, a man of integrity. The Noah after the flood remains the same on the inside. One would not expect this of a man who, for months, lived with family and animals–cramped in a big boat with a lot of sweat, dirt, and poop; and with no ventilation!

Yet Noah remained a man who made God his first priority. When he got off the boat, he didn’t stop to take a shower or find some alone time with Mrs. Noah or go for a long walk by himself–even though he deserved all of this. Instead, the first thing he did when he disembarked was to build an altar to God.

After it is all over, be it good or bad; before anything begins, acknowledge God.

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