Spiritual Musings

when you’re up against people-power

Word’s gotten out–people know about this. Exodus 2:14 (The Message)

People–generally–are not truth seekers; they are flesh mongers. We’d rather crucify than save the accused. When people get wind of a situation, the result is almost often disastrous. There is no seeking of truth–what really happened, why it happened; the motive or the heart behind it; whether is was an unintentional slip of the hand or mind.

So, when Moses killed a man in the acting of protecting another, he ran. The possibility of what could come out of people-power created in him such fear that he couldn’t see another alternative.

He didn’t see another alternative because he hadn’t had his God-power experience yet. This happened before the burning bush, before his partnership with God, before experiencing God’s grace and forgiveness, before he learned of a Power that superseded the power of people.

After His wilderness time with God, we meet the new Moses, the man who no longer runs away in panic or apprehension. We find Moses fearless of people-power–never running, always confronting trouble head-on.

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