Spiritual Musings

measuring life

She saw there was something special about him and hid him. Exodus 2:1, The Message

The Bible takes less than a chapter, 22 verses to be precise, to tell the story of Moses from birth to marriage.

Considering his mother’s prophetic observation (2:1), there had to have been a lot of interesting stories and anecdotes to document the first half of Moses’ life. Yet, except for riding a basket down Nile, the fascinating Moses stories that have been told and retold are mostly from the second half of his life.

And it’s God’s calling that marks that second half of Moses life, the beginning of his memoir. For Moses, it was the burning bush; for Saul, the blinding on the road to Damascus; for Jesus, the baptism by the Holy Spirit.

On judgment day, Mercy will not judge us by what we’ve done with all our time on earth; it will be about how we’ve lived since He called us to be His.

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