Personal Ramblings

the speed of innovation

September was a busy month. This week is not so bad. So, I decided to treat myself and hulu today.
Several great new shows this season. Looks like sitcoms are getting back in form. But more than the shows, it was the advertisements that caught my eyes–Two hours of huluing and I was introduced to three new products. I felt like a resurrected dinosaur. It’s not like I’ve been in solitary confinement or been in away in the jungles of Africa for four weeks.
There’s Latisse . . . stuff  to be rubbed across the edge of my eyelids for incredibly long, dark lashes in just days.
There’s Dove’s new line of deodorant . . . that is guaranteed to decrease the amount and the coarseness of my underarm hair.
And finally to ensure that my breath is fresh when my sexy lashes and armpits do result in an amorous evening, there’s Wisp, Colgate’s new mini toothbrush. With Wisp, I can inconspicuously brush my teeth and freshen my breath anywhere. The bristles have some sort of built-in toothpaste that doesn’t require water.
It’s obvious. I cannot take a break from television.

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