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when people let you down

But the head cupbearer never gave Joseph another thought. Genesis 40:23

When I moved here, she went out of her way to befriend me.  Over the next two years it seemed like she was always there to support me in my little battles. But when the big one came armed with heavy arsenal that shot down my reputation with documents that seemed so true, she disappeared from my life. Never warned me of the brewing foes, never asked to hear my side. All of a sudden, she stopped calling, stopped coming by to pray with me. Just stopped being a friend.

And it hurt. Until I re-read this episode in Joseph’s life. The cupbearer was his friend. While in prison, Joseph had brought consolation into his friend’s life by interpreting a dream. The guy owed him one. And yet when he was freed, when he was back in the good graces of the Pharoah, he didn’t give Joseph another thought.

I can imagine that. I know how that feels. And I am glad for a God who brings happy-endings to stories muddied up by people. When people let you down, when those you’ve helped are the first to throw a stone at you, God is there watching, waiting . . . to tie all the episodes with a forever, happy ending.

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