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the legacy of ted kennedy

For me at least, a word association of “Ted Kennedy” first recalls “Chappaquiddick.” It was just one incident out of his life. Yet, his 47 years of service in the US Senate, his passionate battles for causes such as voting rights, minimum wage, equalities for minorities and women, etc, etc  cower in the shadows when Chappaquiddick and all it mire surfaces in any conversation.
Life, the world, all of us, are all the same. Quick to recollect the Chappaquiddick drama in the lives of others. I’ve been on both sides and want no part in dredging through the dirt of other people’s lives.
I’m going to read Ted Kennedy’s memoir as an exercise in focusing on the good in people. About Chappaquiddick, Kennedy says this in his book: “That night on Chappaquidick Island ended in a horrible tragedy that haunts me every day of my life. I had suffered sudden and violent loss far too many times, but this night was different. This night I was responsible. It was an accident, but I was responsible.” (Read Time’s review:

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